Healthy Salad Recipes
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12 Delicious and Healthy Salad Recipes

Healthy Salad Recipes

These days it’s so hard to eat more greens and to find recipes that are genuinely appealing to not only make but to eat as well. Don’t worry, I’ve got for you today 12 Healthy Salad Recipes to share with you.

As you know eating more greens is usually equal to eating more healthy. So how do you incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your meals without compromising taste and make them more healthy?  The answer is a light and healthy salad.

Get creative and venture a little with trying something new and out of your comfort zone. You never know, you might find something new that your taste buds will just fall in love with!

Following below are 12 of the most delicious and healthy salads that you could make either as a side for dinner or make ahead to take for lunch tomorrow.

Note that these salads aren’t in any particular order, so without further adieu here are some healthy salad recipes you have to try:


No. 1 Protein Packed Barley Grits and Tuna Salad

Written by: Rawda Zkrt

This protein packed barley grits and tuna salad is a great alternative to a meatless meal. A great make ahead lunch for work, school or family gathering.

Healthy Salad Recipes

No. 2 Strawberry Macadamia Salad with Spicy Poppy Seed Dressing (Low-Carb, Vegetarian)

Written by: Adri Ruff

The flavors of fresh strawberry and cayenne pepper balance one another out in this deliciously fresh strawberry macadamia salad with spicy poppy seed dressing! Perfect for date night, paired with wine and steak.

Strawberry Macadamia Salad

No. 3 Easy Raw Green Salad

Written by:

This could be your go-to easy salad recipe. Packed with a medley of fresh and crunchy ingredients like broccoli, kale, carrots, pomegranate and pumpkin seeds – super nourishing and YUMMY! Tossed in a tangy dressing, that’s the perfect match.

12 Delicious and Healthy Salad Recipes 1

No. 4 Crunchy Lentil Salad

Written by: Bethany Maher Kramer

The most delicious crunchy lentil salad! Packed with veggies, sweet grapes, and roasted hazelnuts – then topped with a simple yet flavorful lemony herb dressing.

12 Delicious and Healthy Salad Recipes 2

No. 5 Mango Salad With Lime Ginger Dressing

Written by: Kate Hackworthy

This mango salad is zingy, refreshing and super tasty! Mango, avocado and lettuce are piled high, then drizzled with a zingy lime ginger dressing. It’s easy, bursting with flavor and ready in minutes!

12 Delicious and Healthy Salad Recipes 3

No. 6 Vegan Kale Caeser Salad

Written by: Debra Klein

This Vegan Caesar Salad with chick pea croutons. is a healthy gluten-free alternative to your traditional caeser salad recipe. Filled

12 Delicious and Healthy Salad Recipes 4

No. 7  Spring Vegetable and Freekah Salad

Written by: Tamara Lowell Andersen

Spring Vegetable Freekeh Salad with Citrus Dill Vinaigrette highlights this unique grain with its chewy, smoky complexity, and delivers tons of flavor and nutrients. With English peas and other seasonal vegetables, it’s a healthy addition to your salad repertoire!

12 Delicious and Healthy Salad Recipes 5

No. 8  Grape Salad

Written by: Bintu Mustapha

This family favorite Southern Grape Salad requires only 10 minutes of preparation time and a few ingredients to whip up! Something different for the family to enjoy.

12 Delicious and Healthy Salad Recipes 6

No. 9  Russian Vinaigrette Salad

Written by: Diana Sh

Another lovely Russian classic, a vegetarian vinegret salad drizzled with the traditional dressing! Something different for someone who is willing to stray from their comfort zone.

russian vinegret

No. 10  Grated Carrot Salad with Tomato, Onion and Chia Seeds

Written by: Raksha Kamat

A delightful delicious carrot salad with middle Eastern Flare.

12 Delicious and Healthy Salad Recipes 7


No. 11  Vegetable and Herby Citrus Quinoa Salad

Written by: Safira Adam

A simple and fresh quinoa salad that is Zesty, Zingy, Citrussy (basically lemony) and Herby.

12 Delicious and Healthy Salad Recipes 8


No. 12  Easy Cucumber Salad

Written by: Jill Carr

This refreshing easy cucumber salad recipe is perfect for any summer meal! Easy and simple enough for a weeknight meal, elegant enough for a fancy dinner.

12 Delicious and Healthy Salad Recipes 9


No. 13  Mediterranean Salad with Lime Vinaigrette

Written by: Sally Moran

This is a simple Mediterranean salad with two types of lettuce, black olives, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and feta cheese. Tossed with the lime vinaigrette dressing makes it a delicious, hearty salad that goes with just about anything you’re serving.

12 Delicious and Healthy Salad Recipes 10

So that’s it.  Just in case your wondering, I threw in one more salad for good luck.  Now, I know you are probably feeling overwhelmed right now and to be honest so am I.  I can’t decide which one of these is my all time favorite. They are all pretty good.

P.S.  A big thank you to the recipe bloggers that contributed to this post, you know who you are!

Drop me a comment below if you do try one of these delicious Healthy Salad Recipes and let me know what you think.

If you are looking for other lip smacking recipes, search my site here.

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