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16 Refreshing Summer Drinks to Make for a Party

Refreshing Summer Drinks For Your Next Party

There is no need to worry about what type of summer drinks you are going to make for your next birthday party, luncheon or backyard barbecue. Why? Because I’ve done the leg work for you.

I’ve got 16 summer drinks for you to consider in today’s article ranging from alcoholic to mocktails and from non-alcoholic to caffeinated drinks.

There is a drink in this bunch that will suit most everyone’s taste and quench everyone’s thirst.

Refreshing Alcoholic Drink Recipes

These summer drinks contain alcohol, hence why they are listed under the heading alcoholic drinks.

Brazilian Mojito Cocktail by Bruna Venturinelli from I Heart Brazil
With just a few ingredients, this Brazilian mojito is the perfect cocktail to soak up the summer vibes! It is made of lime, mint, club soda, and cachaça, a funky Brazilian liquor. In essence, it is the ultimate anytime refreshment, but be warned: this drink will transport you to a tropical vacation after just a few sips!

Red or White Wine Sangria Spritzer by AmyG from Girl With a Spatula
Light and refreshing, this white or red wine spritzer will quench your thirstiest thirst! Made with staples from your kitchen, all you need to do is choose whether you want to use red wine or white wine as your base. Or, don’t choose, make both!

Ginger Blackberry Twisted Mule by Judy Purcell from Savoring Today
Our Ginger-Blackberry Twisted Mule Cocktail is ginger forward, with a pleasing, bright finish of sweet vinegar and white rum for lighthearted sass. As soon as you lift the chilled mug to your lips, fresh mint introduces gingery-citrus flavor to quench summer’s hottest days

Aeporol Americano Cocktail by Ben Myhre from Ramshackle Pantry
This Aperol Americano Cocktail is a great and simple drink. This is a a slight twist on the classic. Clean and simple you will want more than one. It tastes great and the low alcohol content makes it a great afternoon sipper!

Amazing Mocktail Recipes

Mocktail drinks are drinks that are normally made with alcohol. The difference is that the alcohol has been removed or replaced with a non-alcoholic substitute to create a virgin version of the recipe. We call these “mocktails” or virgin.

Strawberry Mojito Mocktail by Chellie Schmitz from Art From My Table
This Strawberry Mojito Mocktail is made with just a few ingredients, fresh strawberries, fresh squeezed lime, and fresh mint. A perfectly refreshing summer mocktail that the whole family can enjoy. It’s low on sugar and easy to make.It’s quite delicious anytime of the year, but with strawberry season approaching, this will be especially tasty. Just another use for those fresh-picked strawberries.

Virgin Pina Coladas by Amy Nash from House of Nash Eats
Nothing says summer like a Pina Colada for a summer drink! Enjoy a cool, tropical treat this summer with these creamy, refreshing and non-alcoholic Virgin Piña Coladas that are perfect for the whole family to enjoy! It’s a sip of paradise in every glass and will transport you right to the shade of a palm tree on a warm beach, no passport required!

Virgin Bloody Mary by Priyanka Bhattacharya from SpeakingAloud Magazine
This virgin Bloody Mary recipe is a delicious yet so easy tomato drink, that can be enjoyed by the whole family. This is my non-alcoholic version of Bloody Mary drink, which typically uses vodka as the alcohol base. Here, in this mocktail drink with tomato juice, we need simple pantry ingredients and mint leaves for extra dose of freshness.

The best thing about this virgin Bloody Mary mocktail recipe is that it can be enjoyed at any time of the day. You can serve it with the brunch, or have it with friends in the evening. Although it is a non-alcoholic drink, let me tell you that this can be very addictive! because it is just that easy to make, and super delicious to taste.

Raspberry Mimosa Mocktail by Terri Gilson from Food Meanderings
This easy Raspberry Mimosa Mocktail is a delicious drink for any celebratory breakfast or brunch and perfect for Mother’s Day! It’s also great non-alcoholic drink for kids!

Refreshing and light, this Raspberry Mimosa Mocktail will cool down your guests as well as quench their thirst. Make sure you’re ready because they will ask for refills. This Raspberry Mimosa Mocktail is a winning summer drink!

Caffeinated Drink Recipes

These summer drinks include one form or another of a caffeinated drink. Either coffee or tea ingredients are used in these recipes. If you are watching your caffeine intake, just swap out for a de-caffeinated version of coffee or tea and you’ll bee just fine.

Cinnamon Orange Cold Brew Tea by Charla Harris from That Girl Cooks Healthy
Quench your thirst with a tall glass of refreshing Cinnamon Orange Cold Brew Tea. A tasty sweet and citrus beverage combination that is guaranteed to cool you down on a sweltering hot summer’s day. It’s so good that you don’t even have to wait until the summer to enjoy it.

Boozy Bourbon Iced Coffee Cocktail by Gloria Duggan from Homemade & Yummy
Love ending your meal with a specialty coffee? Boozy Bourbon Iced Coffee Cocktail is like dessert in a glass. If you are a cold brew lover, this is for you. Combined with some bourbon, topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate or caramel sauce (or both). Iced coffee with alcohol is perfect for the patio. Serve this at your next bbq party. Your guests will LOVE it.

Homemade Cream Earl Grey Bubble Tea by Healthy World Cuisine Team from Healthy World Cuisine
Homemade Cream Earl Grey Bubble Tea is the summer’s most refreshing beverage made with dairy free coconut milk, earl grey tea, chewy boba balls (black tapioca pearls) and lightly sweetened with date paste. (vegan, dairy-free)

Iced Matcha Tea Latte (Paleo) by Kelly from Eat the Gains
Paleo Iced Matcha Latte – made in minutes and loaded with health benefits from matcha green tea, healthy fats, and protein. Lightly sweetened and paleo, vegan, and Whole30 friendly. Because of matcha’s wide array of health benefits, this latte makes a great morning drink with your breakfast, afternoon pick me up, or even a snack. This matcha latte is customizable if you don’t like certain things in it. Switch out the maple syrup for honey, leave out the MCT if it’s not your thing, double the collagen, add some cinnamon…whatever you are feeling. Throw all of your ingredients into a blender and blend – it’s super easy to make!

Simply Non-Alcoholic Drink Recipes

These summer drinks are made without the use of alcohol as an ingredient. What makes these drinks different from the “virgin” or “mocktail” recipes is that there was never any intention to use alcohol when they were created. So these drinks do not try to replicate a drink by removing or substituting ingredients.

Lemon Cucumber Mint Water by Amy Nash from House of Nash Eats
Enjoy a cool, tropical treat this summer with these creamy, refreshing and non-alcoholic Virgin Piña Coladas that are perfect for the whole family to enjoy! It’s a sip of paradise in every glass and will transport you right to the shade of a palm tree on a warm beach, no passport required!

Ginger Switchel by Tracy Ariza from Oh, The Things We’ll Make!
The ginger switchel is a classic American drink. It’s made with apple cider vinegar, ginger, and a natural sweetener like maple syrup, honey, or molasses. The switchel is also known as Haymaker’s punch because it was used by farmers to rehydrate after working in the heat of the summer. It’s a healthy, natural electrolyte drink that is not only refreshing, but may also aid digestion.

Refreshing Citrus Lemonade by Jill Carr from Longbourn Farms
This citrus lemonade drink is an old family favorite, I’m so excited to actually be writing it down and creating a recipe for it! My mother would always whip up something similar to this when she had citrus she needed to use up. My favorite thing about this drink is how easy it is. No simple syrup, no stovetop. just mix it up and you’re good to go. I’m all about easy, can you tell? Ha! My raspberry lemonade recipe is just as easy.

Pineapple Peach Agua Fresca by Sherry Brubaker from Backyard Bohemian
Take a trip to Mexico with this delicious pineapple peach agua fresca. This lightly sweetened and fruity drink is so refreshing and non alcoholic! It’s a Mexican specialty! This drink is made with fresh tropical fruits, water, and a little sprinkle of sugar. Everything is blended well, then the mixture is poured over a strainer to separate the organic matter from the liquid. Serve this over a cup full of crushed ice and your in business!

And, there you have it. 16 amazing refreshing summer drinks to choose from that will quench your guests’ thirst before, during or after dinner.

Thank you to the bloggers that contributed to this post to bring amazing drink recipes to our readers!

Thank you!

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