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18 Amazingly Good Homemade Ice Cream, Gelato and Sorbet Recipes

If you are looking for that perfect frozen dessert to make, you have definitely come to the right place. Today, I’m sharing with you Ice Cream, Gelato and Sorbet recipes that will wow your family.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an ice cream maker. Some of these desserts can be made without one. Just look for the recipes that indicate that they are no churn.

Ice Cream vs. Gelato vs. Sorbet

The basic difference is milk!

Gelato is made using whole milk.  Whereas ice cream is made with full fat cream or a combination of mil and cream.  But more cream. Hence the word “ice cream”.

Gelato originates from Italy, at least the “new” gelato made from Milk.  Although, the first signs of gelato originated from China where they use rice, milk and even snow. Gelato is lighter in texture than ice cream.  And because it doesn’t use cream, it will obviously have less fat.

Sorbet on the other hand, is just a frozen dessert made up of frozen pureed fruit. There is not milk or cream in sorbet, but there is milk or cream in sherbet.

And then there is granita, which is pretty similar to sorbet, but granita isn’t churned. Granita is spread into a layer and then frozen.

I know it’s all so very confusing! But what isn’t confusing is the fact that they are all so delicious!

Today, I’m sharing with you a compilation of Ice Cream, Gelato and Sorbet treats.

Ice Cream Recipes

Some ice creams need to be churned in a frozen mixer bowl, while others do not.

  1. Coconut Macadamia Nut Ice Cream by Amy @House of Nash Eats. If you love Hawaii and ice cream, then you are probably going to fall head over heels for this easy Coconut Macadamia Nut Ice Cream recipe. This creamy, easy ice cream has buttery macadamia nut flavor and there are chunks of chopped nuts in each bite. Find recipe details here: https://houseofnasheats.com/coconut-macadamia-nut-ice-cream/
  2. Homemade Butter Pecan Ice Cream by Lorie @Lemons + Zest. Just because you don’t have an ice cream maker, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy creamy homemade ice cream. This simple and delicious Homemade Butter Pecan Ice Cream is so simple to whip up and full of rich, buttery pecans. All you will need is a handful of ingredients. Heat up the pecans and toss them into a whipping cream and condensed milk mixture and freeze. You will have a delicious treat in no time! Find recipe details here: https://lemonsandzest.com/homemade-butter-pecan-ice-cream/
  3. Three (3) Ingredient Mango Icecream by Sandhya @Sandhya’s Kitchen. Our homemade mango ice cream is Creamy, Delicious and requires only 3 Ingredients! Made with only Mango, Cream and Condensed milk, This easy recipe for mango icecream is made without an ice cream maker. Find recipe details here: https://sandhyahariharan.co.uk/homemade-mango-ice-cream/
  4. Matcha Green Tea No Churn Ice Cream by Julia @Julia Recipes. Matcha green tea no churn ice cream is going to be one of your next favourite homemade ice cream flavours. This recipe for no churn ice cream doesn’t require any special tools and certainly you do not need the ice cream machine! Once you learn how to make ice cream without ice cream machine, you won’t be able to stop. It takes only 3 ingredients and you can have this delicious refreshing treat in no time. Matcha powder has it’s unique earthy rich taste and when combined with sweetened condensed milk it brings the best ice cream combo ever! Find Recipe Details here: https://juliarecipes.com/matcha-green-tea-no-churn-ice-cream/
  5. No-Churn S’mores Ice Cream by Jas @All that’s Jas. This no-churn s’mores ice cream is the best and much cooler (no pun intended) version of a traditional nighttime campfire treat popular in the United States and Canada. It consists of a fire-roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker. Making your ice cream is easier than you think, and once you try this recipe, it will become your new obsession. There’s no fancy equipment needed, as this is a no-churn recipe. A classic campfire treat + ice cream = the perfect summer dessert that is less messy. Flames and ice cream churners are not required, but campfire songs are optional. Find recipe details here: https://www.all-thats-jas.com/best-no-churn-smores-ice-cream/
  6. The Ultimate Homemade Peach Ice Cream by Sarah with Sustainable Cooks @Sustainable Cooks. Like a bowl full of summer, the Ultimate Homemade Peach Ice Cream will blow your mind with flavor. This easy homemade ice cream recipe can also use frozen or canned peaches, giving you that summer flavor year round. Find recipes details here: https://www.sustainablecooks.com/peach-ice-cream-recipe/
  7. White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream AmyG @girlwithaspatula.. This is the most perfect Creamy Homemade Ice Cream complimented by White Chocolate and Raspberries, all your favorite flavors combined in one homemade ice cream. Yum! Find recipe details here: https://girlwithaspatula.com/recipes/white-chocolate-homemade-ice-cream/
  8. Torrone (Nouget) Ice Cream (No Churn) by AmyG @girlwithaspatula. This recipe for Torrone (Nougat) Ice Cream is exactly like the one you buy at the corner ice cream parlor!  Make it once and you will not be able to resist putting down. Actually, there is one thing that makes this recipe for Nougat Ice Cream better, and that is that it doesn’t require the use of an ice cream maker.  Use an ice cream maker or don’t. You can skip the churning all together and just place this torrone ice cream in the freezer to set. Find recipe details here: https://girlwithaspatula.com/recipes/easy-torrone-nougat-ice-cream-recipe-no-churn/

Gelato Recipes

  1. Avacado Gelato by Hayley @Jagruti’s Cooking Odyssey. A scoop of this unique and creamisest Avocado Gelato, definetely you want to try. It is busrting with avocado flavours, eggfree and rich. Bouns point is that you can make just like shop bought in your own home with minimal ingredients. Find recipe details here: https://www.jcookingodyssey.com/2018/07/avocado-gelato-recipe.html
  2. Spicy Blackberry and Whiskey Gelato by Lori @Josie + Nina. Gelato at home? Yes!! And this Blackberry and Whiskey Gelato is a good place to start. With a little heat thanks to spicy, sweet pecans that you can buy already made, this boozy bite is a perfect ending to a great meal. Using a standard ice cream maker with gelato proportions and ingredients, this frozen treat also calls on a jar of fruit spread which makes it such an easy dessert recipe. Scoop up some of this spicy and sweet gelato into a sugar cone or serve it right on top of a waffle cookie for an elegant presentation at your next dinner gathering. Find recipe details here: https://josieandnina.com/blackberry-and-whiskey-gelato/
  3. Cinnamon Gelato by Marye @Restless Chipotle. If you’ve been craving the richest, most decadent ice cream imaginable then this homemade cinnamon gelato is one you have to try now! The smooth creaminess of the gelato and the delicate cinnamon flavor combine to make this ice cream recipe one you’ll make again and again. Delicious melting on top of a slice of warm apple pie! The flavor is similar to horchata. Before you even taste it you can see the way your spoon slides through the tawny scoop. The cinnamon flavor is delicate and sweet at first, intensifying with every bite. Find recipe details here: https://www.restlesschipotle.com/cinnamon-gelato-recipe/
  4. Chocolate Gelato by AmyG @girlwithaspatula. This creamy homemade chocolate gelato is made with 5 ingredients and will be the creamiest homemade gelato you have every made. If you don’t like chocolate, no worries, you can swap out the cocoa in this recipe for a 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract and make a creamy vanilla homemade gelato. Find recipe details here: https://girlwithaspatula.com/recipes/creamy-homemade-chocolate-gelato/
  5. Mascarpone Hazelnut Gelato by Nicoletta @SugarLoveSpices. Mascarpone Hazelnut Gelato, all the creamy richness of the mascarpone with a nice backdrop of hazelnut. A perfect little break from the summer heat coming. Find recipe details here: https://www.sugarlovespices.com/mascarpone-hazelnut-gelato
  6. Caramel Swirl Almond Gelato by Tammy @scotchandsconesblog. Caramel Swirl Almond Gelato for the win…rich frozen custard (lighter in fat than regular ice cream) with a homemade salted caramel sauce ribbon. It’s easy to make and better than store bought. Yum! Find recipe details here: https://www.scotchandscones.com/caramel-swirl-almond-gelato/.

Sorbet Recipes

  1. Refreshing Coconut Lime Sorbet by Kathryn @Worn Slap Out. This Coconut Lime Sorbet requires three simple ingredients and is the official sorbet of summer. A can of cream of coconut, water, and freshly squeezed lime juice is all you need to create the smoothest, most refreshing sorbet. The sorbet tastes like you’re on a Caribbean island somewhere special (think: pina colada in sorbet form!) — when all you did was crack open a can of cream of coconut and show some patience. Serve this sorbet as an after dinner dessert or just a snack on a hot summer day, and you’ll be making this all summer! Find recipe details here: https://wornslapout.com/refreshing-coconut-lime-sorbet/.
  2. Two (2) Ingredient Strawberry Sorbet by Elaine @eatingbyelaine. This refreshing and smooth strawberry sorbet could not be more simple. No ice cream maker or churning needed. This method is quick and simple. And you only need two ingredients: frozen strawberries and pure maple syrup. Find recipe details here: https://www.eatingbyelaine.com/2-ingredient-strawberry-sorbet/
  3. Creamy Mango Sorbet by Whitney @saltandbaker. This Mango Sorbet is ultra creamy and mega dreamy! This sorbet recipe is easy to make and it’s loaded with delicious mangos. Find recipe details here: https://saltandbaker.com/mango-sorbet/.
  4. Limoncello Lemon Sorbet with Mint by Jane @LittleSugarSnaps. Limoncello Lemon Sorbet with Mint is a perfect example of lemon sorbet. It is everything you should expect from a sorbet – light, soft, fresh and tangy. It’s also wonderfully smooth and the addition of both lemon liqueur and mint add a little thrill to the flavour. This Limoncello Lemon Sorbet is so soft and yielding that it can be scooped directly from the freezer. It’s easy to make and can be served in numerous ways. Serve this sorbet just as it is, in a bowl, or it in a cone. But if you want to go the extra mile, put a scoop into a glass and top with Prosecco, to enjoy it Sgroppino style. Find recipe details here: https://www.littlesugarsnaps.com/limoncello-lemon-sorbet/.

And there you have it! 18 delicious Ice Cream, Gelato and Sorbet Recipes that will absolutely amaze your family, friends and guests on any occasion. Happy tummies and smiles are sure to come no matter which one of these cool desserts you make!

P.S.  A big thank you to the recipe bloggers that contributed to this post, you know who you are!

Drop me a comment below if you do try one of these delicious frozen treats.

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