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5 Fool-Proof Grain Bowl Combinations to Keep on Rotation

What makes grain bowl combinations the perfect meal? While a home-cooked meal will always sound appetizing to eat, preparing it isn’t as exciting. Whether it’s waiting for the sauce to marinate or the meat to finish up in the pressure cooker, cooking can sometimes feel like a chore with all the complicated recipes out there. Thankfully, you don’t have to resort to Postmates, Skip the Dishes, Uber Eats or other food delivery apps. For a quick yet delicious meal grain bowl combinations will definitely get the job done.

What’s a grain bowl?

Grain bowl combinations hit the food scene not too long ago, and they quickly won the hearts of foodies everywhere. Despite being a food trend, the grain bowl is here to stay — and for good reason. As a mix of whole grains, veggies, and some form of protein, it’s a dish (or bowl, rather) that perfectly meets all of your nutritional needs. Additionally, a grain bowl encourages you to get more creative in the kitchen, as there are countless combinations you can create for your grain bowl. You can even incorporate your leftover meatloaf to give it a tasty twist.

And the best part is that with the right tools all the components of  a grain bowl are easy to prepare. This article on the best rice cookers notes how they can let you prepare a wide variety of grains like rice and quinoa. Plus, some models even let you steam vegetables, meat, and fish — potentially letting you prepare most of your ingredients in one place. For instance, you can steam a fillet of salmon by letting it stay in the rice for five to six minutes. All in all, a grain bowl is a great way to enjoy a home-cooked meal that won’t have you cause you to worry about the prep beforehand.

Grain Bowl Combinations

That being said, we’ve rounded up five fool-proof grain bowl recipes that will surely satisfy your taste buds.

1. Brown Rice + Avocado + Spinach + Teriyaki Salmon

Like we said, salmon is a fantastic protein to use for your grain bowls. And to really enhance this tender fish, you can incorporate the rich flavors of Japan into your grain bowl. The sweet and savory taste of teriyaki sauce is a surefire way to elevate the flavor profile of this protein. Plus, its thin texture means it will seamlessly marinate into a salmon fillet. This, in turn, makes it a perfect match for a hearty bowl of brown rice, as these two components won’t overpower one another. Lastly, throwing it in with smooth avocado slices and sautéed spinach will balance out all of the different flavors and texture in your grain bowl.

2. Quinoa + Chicken Breast + Cucumber + Tomato + Tahini Sauce

Another cuisine that you should seek inspiration from for your grain bowls is Mediterranean food. What’s great about it is that even though each meal is packed with many flavors, it still focuses on a healthy way of eating by bringing out the best of natural ingredients with herbs and spices. This is why you must try a combination of a light chicken breast, nutty quinoa, and fresh cucumber and tomato slices. Don’t forget to make an earthy and creamy tahini sauce with your food processor to complete this grain bowl.

3. Black Rice + Kale + Tofu + Sesame Dressing

Compared to more popular variants like white and brown rice, black has an especially nutty flavor to it. Apart from its taste, brown is filled with fiber, which makes it an exceptional choice for your grains. You should throw in shredded kale, as pairing these two ingredients will really highlight its earthy taste. And don’t forget to add some sesame dressing for an extra punch of nutty flavor. Finally, you’ll need silky protein-rich tofu cubes in this grain bowl to balance out the various textures.

4. Brown Rice + Pineapple + Chili Shrimp

If you’re looking for a grain bowl that’s on the tangier side, look no further, as this combo will satisfy your cravings. First, marinating shrimp with chili powder and lime guarantees that this won’t lack any flavor. To prevent the powerful tangy taste from overpowering your grain brain bowl, you can add sweet and delicate slices of pineapple to complement its flavor profile. And tossing these all together in a hearty, fluffy bowl of brown rice will give you a filling yet flavorful grain dish.

5. Farro + Zucchini + Eggplant + Squash + Bell Peppers + Black Beans

For those following a plant-based diet, make sure to try out this mixture of ingredients for an especially healthy grain bowl. Though it’s not as popular as other whole-grain options like rice and quinoa, farro is just as healthy. In fact, this chewy whole grain source is rich in key nutrients such as magnesium, zinc and some B vitamins. Its earthy texture makes it a great foundation for delectable veggies like eggplant, squash, and bell peppers. And these light flavors are best paired with the plant-based protein source black beans, as it adds more depth both to this grain bowl’s flavor and texture.

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