Phyllo Pastry Bites

Phyllo Pastry Bites on a plate
Yields: 20 Servings Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 20 Mins Cook Time: 40 Mins Total Time: 1 Hr

Little Phyllo Pastry Bites, Big Taste

These little Phyllo Pastry Bites will satisfy family and friends while they wait for you to serve the main course.  Puff pastry is so versatile that you can make endless appetizers and some really cool desserts.

So if you are looking for a tasty appetizer?  Look no further, try these Phyllo Pastry Bites.

I made these Phyllo Pastry Bites a few weeks ago for a friends gathering and they disappeared like the Houdini was in the house.  You don’t necessarily need to stuff them with prosciutto, ricotta and spinach.  You can get creative and stuff them with virtually anything.

Try these combinations:

  • Feta and sun dried tomatoes
  • Ham and pineapple
  • Broccoli Rabe and calamata olives
  • Spinach and Feta

They’re really simple to make and take no time at all.  A great recipe to get the your little helpers to act as sous chefs.  This recipe makes about 40 appetizers.


Tips and Tricks to Making these Easy Phyllo Pastry Bites

Make you life easy and buy the phyllo pastry.  There is no need for you to slave to try and make it yourself. I bought puff pastry like this one here.

Use thawed phyllo pastry dough.

If you are using frozen phyllo pastry, you should take it out of the freezer and let it thaw out in the refrigerator overnight.  If you are in a hurry, let it thaw out on the counter for one hour before you start to work with it.

Place the phyllo bites in the refrigerator to keep them cool if the oven has not heated to the required temperature.  Once the oven is ready, you can transfer them from the refrigerator to the oven to bake.

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Recipe Details for These Easy Phyllo Pastry Bites


0/8 Ingredients
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0/4 Instructions
  • Defrost phyllo pastry as per box directions. Leave refrigerated while you prepare the ingredients. Heat oven to 400 degrees. Mix together Ricotta Cheese, diced prosciutto, feta. Once all ingredients are well incorporated add the egg to bind all of the ingredients.
  • In a small bowl add melt butter and add garlic powder and oregano. Set aside.
  • Unroll phyllo pastry sheets and work with 2 sheets at a time. You can leave all the sheets on top of one another. Using a spoon dollop the ricotta mixture adjacent to the top or side of the sheet leaving about one inch from the top so you can fold over the sheet and roll. Once you have spread the mixture vertically across the sheet fold over and roll up. Place the role on a baking sheet line with parchment paper or aluminum slide. Cut the role into 8 even pieces using scissors.
  • Repeat until the ricotta mixture is finished. Using a pastry brush, brush the top of each pastry bite with the butter mixture. Place baking tray into oven and bake until golden brown, about 40 minutes.


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