Easy Prime Rib Roast

Prime Rib Roast
Yields: 6 Servings Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 10 Mins Cook Time: 1 Hr 30 Mins Total Time: 1 Hr 40 Mins

Prime Rib Roast, Need I Say More?

This Easy Prime Rib Roast Recipe will make you look like a star chef.  Made with less than 5 ingredients, this Prime Rib Roast has got to be one of the best recipes that you will ever follow to get the perfect prime rib roast.

Prime Rib is one of the best cut of beef you can buy. There is no bad way to cook this. Rare, medium, well done no matter how you cook it, it will taste finger licking good.

With a little bit of planning, you can determine how long your rib roast needs to cook. The following guide will help you determine the total cooking time.

Tips and Tricks to Making the Best Prime Rib

Get a Thermometer for Best Results

There are times when I just wing it, literally.  This is not one of those times.  Prime Rib is such a prime and expensive cut of meat (as if you couldn’t tell by its name). You don’t want to make a mistake about when to take this cut of meat out of the oven.

So, please go out and buy yourself a thermometer, one that works.  If you have one of those oven corded thermometers, that will work too. So long as it works, it doesn’t have to be fancy.

Also, there is a science, and I’m not saying that it’s difficult to make prime rib, but there is some preparation that goes into determining how long to cook it.  Whether you like your prime rib rare, medium or well done, you will want to follow the instructions that follow for the perfect Prime Rib every time.

Estimating the Cooking Time

Regardless of how you want the roast cooked, you will need to start by cooking it at 500°F degrees for 15 minutes.

You will need to know the total weight of your roast to calculate the total cooking time. For rare, cook the roast for 15 minutes/pound, for medium, cook for 17 minutes per pound, and for well done, cook for 19 minutes per pound or until cooked to desired temperature.

For rare the roast should reach an internal temperature of 120 degrees, for medium an internal temperature of 130. Keep in mind that the temperature will continue to rise even when you remove it from the oven.

Add another 30 minutes in order for the roast to sit and rest after you have taken it out of the oven.

For example if you have a 10 lb roast, you should allow 15 minutes at 500°F degrees, add 2 hours and 50 minutes to cook at medium and then add 30 minutes for the roast to rest. That’s a total cook time of 3 hours and 35 minutes.

Roasting Pan

This isn’t necessary, but, when you are cooking a Prime Rib, it is usually dry roasted.  Roasting it in a roasting pan with a rack helps to circulate the air around the roast, while the juices drip to the bottom of the pan.  I used a roasting pan like this one here. But, I did not use the rack.  Instead, I laid the roast on top of the ribs that I had cut out of the roast.

Yes, you will need to cut the rib bones out of the roast so that it will be easier to cut the roast when it is cooked.  You don’t want to be cutting around the bone after it is cooked. Removing the bone makes for easier slicing.


I did  include a gravy recipe  that is very simple. But this a personal choice, so if gravy is something you like to put on Prime Rib then follow the recipe including for making gravy from pan drippings and beef stock.  People also eat prime rib with horseradish. Something else to consider if you are going to make this Prime Rib Roast.

Carve and serve with smashed potatoes and your favorite vegetables.

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Enough said, let’s get to the recipe details. Make this recipe for Prime Rib Roast now, or PIN it for later.

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Recipe Details for this Prime Rib Roast


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  • If it is frozen, take it out at least 2 days in advance and let thaw in refrigerator. Let it sit at room temperature at least 2 hours before cooking. Preheat oven to 500 degrees.
  • If the roast has bones, cut around them and place them in the roasting pan and use them to set the roast on top. This will allow air to circulate around the roast. Using a basting brush, baste the roast with olive oil and then rub salt and pepper all around the roast. If you have steak seasoning you can use that as well.
  • Place the roast on top of the bones in the roasting pan and place in oven to cook for 15 minutes. Reduce oven to 325 degrees. Make sure that you have calculated the approximate cooking time so that you know when the roast will be ready. Using a thermometer check the roast in an hour, but then every half hour thereafter.
  • Once it has reached the internal temperature you desire, remove from oven and let rest for 20-30 minutes.
  • While the roast is resting, warm up one cup of water in a small saucepan, add a beef bouillon cube and some pan drippings. Bring to just about boiling. In a small cup add the starch and a little bit of water just to create a runny paste. Add starch mixture and bring to boil until mixture thickens to your liking.



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